Banjo Earth: China – Chapter 28 – “Love in Your Dream” (blog)

Beijing/Shanghai –

It seems like just a couple of hours ago that we were partying with the French folks at the pool bar. And in actuality, it was. It’s an early rise this morning to get ourselves together, and to make it to the train station on time. We’ve got a bullet train reserved for our trip to Beijing to Shanghai, and it leaves at 11:20 am. That seems like a pretty reasonable time to make it, but when you factor in packing, cleaning the place a bit, coffee/breakfast, walking to the subway, riding the subway to the train station, figuring out where to get our tickets, going through security, going through security again, then finding the right train car, we make it with just minutes to spare. Everything in China, even getting on the train, is an adventure. And that is just the way I like it.

The train is leaving the station

I’m excited to ride the bullet train. The last time I made this trip 14 years ago in took about 12 hours of pure discomfort. This trip will take 5.5 hours and the seats lean back in wonderfully relaxing position. Plus, on a train, you can look out the window and watch China go by in your window. It is completely fascinating to see the backroads and inroads of this country. From nuclear power plants, to farms full of tiny little gardens, to miles and miles of greenhouses, China’s industriousness and innovation is on display as you pass through at a couple hundred miles per hour. The colors span from lush greens to dark grays, the landscape from rocky mountains to jungle-like vegetation. You won’t see any of this way up in the air flying on a plane, which is why bullet train is my new favorite mode of transport. Come on America, let’s make this happen, eh?

The things you see from the window of a bullet train

After having a chance to make some videos, blogs, and enjoy the country, we stroll into Shanghai around sundown. We have booked another AirBnB house here that is in a great part of town. After finding the place, locating the keys, and figuring out how to use them, we find our way into our new home and relax for a bit. Not long after that however, the excitement, flavors, smells, and lights of Shanghai begin calling. Since I was last here in 2001, Shanghai has changed tremendously. The buildings are taller, more numerous, and more modern. The amount of skyscrapers that display beautiful and innovative architecture is staggering. And the food…..oh my! The plan is just to snack our way around the city for a little while, trying little bites and samples of whatever we can get our hands on.

Time to hit the streets streets

The Huangpu River, where the old French Bund, and just across the water, the business district, is located, is our first destination. The night skyline of the business district of Shanghai may be the most beautiful in the world, and it’s a good place to start to get an understanding of the kind of environment you are in. So we set out for the three mile or so walk, taking our time and soaking in the city. We find snacks in the form of delicious noodles, chicken, and the tiny little soup dumplings that Shanghai is so famous for. We happen upon the music district, which is full of instrument stores and live clubs. We pass through what feels like mid-town Manhattan, and even pass by Times Square of Shanghai. The lit up store fronts and LED laden buildings look like a mix of New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Shanghai is bustling and busy, making things happen with a sophisticated style and pace. It is very modern and fashionable, and is in stark contrast to the Beijing we just came from. Given their striking differences however, this is still China, and that Chinese pride and style runs deep, and even here, is unmistakable.

IMG_1871 - Version 2
World famous Shanghai soup dumplings

We finally make it down to the river, and the sights of the city just suck us in. The mix of high-rise business buildings and the funky fresh artistic vibe Shanghai has is really cool. The purple space tower jutting from the ground makes you kind of feel like you are on a different planet. Right across the river from these sights is the old French part of town, the Bund. It’s buildings are made up of classical western architecture, and make such an interesting combination. The people are out in force tonight, enjoying themselves and taking hundreds of pictures. The night is beautiful and warm, and a short sleeve shirt is enough to suffice. Weather wise, our trip from Beijing to Shanhai is sort of like having breakfast in New York, then eating dinner in Savannah, GA.

The Shanghai skyline

We enjoy the night, have a beer on a riverwalk patio, and take it all in. Banjo Earth is nearly at its end, and it has been an incredible journey. The first few days feel like months ago. All the amazing people we’ve met, things we’ve seen, and music we’ve made and heard is unfathomable. It may take a few months to sort this all out. All I know is that it feels great to Be Here Now, and to be doing the things that I know I was put on this planet to do. I looked deep into my heart, found this idea, and began the work. From there, the Universe took over; the love of my friends and family, the support of fans of my spirit and music, and the wonderful talents of the people around me.   I truly believe if there is Love in your dream, than anything is possible.

Monument to the People’s Heroes